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In this video series, join artists Paul Richmond and Melissa Forman for a class focused on the fundamentals of art making.

Beginning January 15, you'll receive a link to a new video lesson by email on the fifteenth of each month in 2023. You can also return to this page and use the lesson links below. Each link will become active once that lesson has been sent out, so bookmark this page to easily access the entire course.


Video Lessons

  1. Rendering With Value
  2. 2D Design Fundamentals
  3. How to Use Drawing Tools Effectively
  4. Which Brush to Use When
  5. How To Create A Mood Through Color
  6. Still Life Drawing
  7. Painting Landscapes
  8. Drawing Animals
  9. Figure Drawing
  10. How To Tell A Story Through Art
  11. Collage/Mixed Media
  12. Understanding Abstraction


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