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Artist Interviews: Enid Baxter Ryce

Artist Interviews: Enid Baxter Ryce

Today we are welcoming Enid Baxter Ryce to the AMU Blog! Enid is an internationally exhibiting writer, artist, and filmmaker specializing in the interpretation of science and history. She has won awards for her work as an educator in the arts and sciences focusing on outdoor social-emotional learning. Thank you for taking the time to share some inspiration with the Art Makes Us community!

AMU: Art Makes Us ___.

Enid: see the world anew.

AMU: Tell us a little about yourself and your art. 

Enid: I grew up in a mountaintop removal mining town that was also a Revolutionary War reenactment park. The site of environmental destruction, it was also a place that manufactured historical amnesia. So, I am interested in telling stories about environmental science and history. To tell these stories, I write, paint and make films.

AMU: What’s your favorite medium?

Enid: To create my illustrations and paintings, I love to use natural paints that I make from plants. I collect plants on long walks with my kids, and grow historic pigment plants in my garden hydroponically, wrapped in fog catchers. My newest paintings are 24-feet long and depict ghost forests.

AMU: What inspires you?

Enid: I am inspired by my family and by nature. I love to investigate the mysteries of history and science.

AMU: What are your artistic goals for the future?

Enid: My new focus is creating illustrated stories for children.  I am currently working on an illustrated middle-grade mystery that involves both arson and paranormal spirits. I'm excited to be working with the amazing Liz Nealon at Great Dog Literary.

AMU: What is one piece of art advice you were given that has always stuck with you?

Enid: A professor I studied with at Yale, John Hull, advised us to follow what we were drawn to - what we were interested in - without questioning why. That is the best way to start creative work - follow the path as it lights up before you. 

AMU: If they made a film about your life, who would play you?

Enid: Cookie Monster 

AMU: What famous artist would you love to meet?

Enid: I'd love to go out for ice cream with Paul Richmond. 

AMU: What do you wish you knew when you started?

Enid: To trust myself. I struggled with imposter syndrome and still do. 

AMU: What’s your favorite color?

Enid: Crayola Crayon's midnight blue

AMU: If you had an artistic superpower what would it be?

Enid: Teaching. But also flying. Wouldn't it be fun to be able to fly?

AMU: Where can people go to see your work?

Enid: I currently have a solo exhibition at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. I also have a website :)

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