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Learn to Paint a Watercolor Landscape | Instant Access!

Everyone can learn to paint with watercolor! 

In this video series, artist Paul Richmond breaks down the fundamentals of watercolor painting into 10-minute exercises that will help you learn the tools, techniques, and skills of this popular medium. Students will create one original painting from start-to-finish during this course, each lesson containing another step in the process. You will be amazed at how much your painting skills will improve in a short time with focused, daily practice. Paul's gentle, lighthearted approach will make learning fun and keep you coming back for more. 

Art is an important part of our culture, and learning to paint is a fun, relaxing way to get more connected with your inner artist.  Learn insights about the artistic process that will help you build more appreciation for the work of other artists, and the confidence to create your own colorful paintings.

In this course, we will start at the very beginning, going over all the tools and how they work. The instructor will then demonstrate how to prepare your paper, sketch the image, and start painting. Watercolor is a very luminous medium. Light areas are created by utilizing the white of the paper. Learn strategic ways to plan your approach so that you preserve the light where you need it, and build up to darker tones in the shadow areas. The instructor will also show you different ways of applying the paint to create a variety of effects - including the wet on wet technique that allows the colors to move more freely and blend together, as well as a more controlled, detailed  approach. Students can apply the skills learned in this course to create more watercolor paintings of any subject matter and in any style. The sky’s the limit once you learn the basics!

Even though this is a step-by-step course where you will follow along with the instructor and paint the same image, Paul values the individuality of each student. He will discuss ways you can branch off and add your own twist to the image if you’d like, always encouraging you to develop your own artistic sensibilities. He truly believes everyone is an artist, and wants to make the creative process accessible to as many people as possible.

Paul has been teaching students to paint for over twenty years. This class covers the most effective techniques he has discovered for helping artists learn how to create beautiful watercolor paintings. This class is great for beginners and also a refresher for anyone who wants to get back to the basics of painting.

How It Works

Immediately after purchasing this course, you will receive a pdf by email containing the link to watch all of the course videos. You have unlimited access to these videos.


    You are welcome to work with any materials you'd like, but here's a list of everything Paul will be using in this series:

    • Cold press watercolor paper 10" x 14" (only need one sheet for the course, but I've linked to a tablet here so you can do additional paintings on your own too)

    Watercolor paint - Winsor & Newton Cotman Tube Set

    Paintbrushes - Royal & Langnickel Soft Grip White Taklon Brush Set

    Paint tray

    Masking tape

    Drawing pencil (hardness: H)

    • Wood panel or other smooth surface to tape paper onto

    Questions? Email us at