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Mentorship Session

Each mentorship session is one hour. The cost for one session is $55. We also offer bundle packages. Purchase 4 sessions for $208 ($12 discount), or purchase 12 sessions for $600 ($60 discount) using the pull-down menu above.

Your art mentor will meet you where you are and provide opportunities to explore how art and the creative process can empower you.

Art Makes Us instructors are professional, talented, patient, and enthusiastic teaching artists who want to help you reach your goals while building confidence along the way.

Art mentorship is great for:

•Children who show an interest in the arts

•Young adults who want to develop their artistic skills

•High school students working on an art portfolio for college

•Young professionals developing their artistic practice

•Adults who want to reawaken their creativity

•Senior citizens who want to get in touch with their artistic side


How does it work?

Our art instruction is designed to fit into your busy life. Learn from the comfort of home at a time that works best for you. Using Zoom, our mentors meet one-on-one with mentees providing instruction that is structured on an individual basis, based on the interests and goals of the student. Practice at your own pace, with thoughtful, real-time guidance and feedback on your artwork from a compassionate, encouraging professional artist.  


What people are saying

"My daughter has been doing art lessons with Paul Richmond. He has been such an incredible gift for my daughter at this time! She has been working with him all summer virtually on her art skills. He has taken her love of drawing for fun to another level. She is now drawing with so much more technique and has developed a more mature artistic eye. His teaching is so upbeat, and he is incredibly inspirational to have as an art mentor." -Angie Hubbard


"I love this class! Your support and encouragement in moving forward creative projects that are meaningful while offering individual instruction and mentoring in drawing and painting is AMAZING!!" -Deb Burke