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Become A Writer in 30 Days | Instant Access!

Everyone can learn to write! 

Join author Scout Luketich on the journey to unlock your creative writing potential in just ten minutes a day. Learn the fundamentals of creative writing, including characterization, world-building, the five-act story structure, crafting believable dialogue, and much more in this beginner-oriented course. If you’re ready to write, this is the right series for you!

Sign up and receive instant access to all the videos in this course! You will be amazed at how much your writing skills will improve in a short time with focused, daily practice. Scout's thoughtful, lighthearted approach will make learning fun and keep you coming back for more. Enrollment gives you unlimited access to the video lessons, so you can always watch them at a later date too.

Scout has been writing and self-publishing for over ten years. They hold a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and are very passionate about encouraging new writers. They believe everyone has a story to tell. This class is great for beginners and also a refresher for anyone who wants to get back to the basics of writing.

How It Works

Immediately after purchasing this course, you will receive a pdf by email containing the link to watch all of the course videos. You have unlimited access to these videos.

Video Lessons

1. Write trash
2. Journaling
3. Outsmarting your Inner critic
4. Reading for writers
5. Fan fiction
6. Characterization
7. World-building
8. Outlining 
9. Research
10. Point of View - 1st & 2nd person
11. Point of View - 3rd person limited & omniscient
12. Tenses
13. Dialogue
14. Where do writers get their ideas?
15. Getting started
16. Hero’s journey / story beats
17. The 5-act story structure
18. Exposition
19. Rising action
20. Climax
21. Falling action
22. Resolution
23. Editing part 1
24. Editing part 2
25. Editing part 3
26. Editing part 4
27. Editing part 5
28. Editing part 6
29. Editing part 7
30. Beta Readers / Publishing / Synopsis

Questions? Email us at

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Become a Writer in 30 days. The daily exercises are doable and engaging. Scout is an absolute delight and knows the subject well, knows how to teach and makes each lesson fun. This is a class I will look back on again and again with a wealth of information." -Traci Couch 


"Thank you so much for this class! I've been thinking about writing a book for years - maybe decades at this point (yikes!) - and just haven't for all sorts of (probably BS) reasons. Your class makes me think this is actually doable. I have a story idea and the beginnings of an outline with the main action for each chapter. And after one lesson, I got on a roll and 'accidentally' wrote a chapter! Thanks again for the class - and for making art and writing so accessible for everyone!" - Angela Brewer