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"Transformation" Group Online Exhibition

About Transformation

This exhibition showcases works in all mediums that relate to the theme of transformation. Life has changed so much over the past few years, and as artists, we constantly adapt to our ever-evolving environment. The goal of this exhibition is to showcase works that reflect on personal transformations since 2020 and how different artists maintain their creativity during volatile times. If you're interested in purchasing any of the artwork, please email for more information. 


Click on a thumbnail below to view the image. Once enlarged, use the arrows in the top left corner to navigate through the collection. Please note some descriptions overlap the artwork. Turn descriptions on and off by clicking the quotation mark icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Virtual Opening Reception

We held a virtual opening reception for Transformation on June 14, 2022. Meet the artists, see the collection, and learn more about the exhibition by watching the video below:



Anne Ylvisaker | IG Arog Vila | IG
Becky Westerfelt Beverly Riley
Bonnie Rose Fernandez | IG Brenda Scettrini Saglio | IG
Briden Schueren | IG Cindy Muscarello | IG
Cynthia Rand-Thompson | IG Deb Burke | IG
Denese Sanders | IG Dolores Zeolla Bartsch
Howard Jefferson Jackie Ryle
Jay Kennedy | IG Jeanette Montero | IG
Jennifer Vance | FB | IG Judith C Levine | FB
Kristen Slavick Lisa Ashbrook
Lisa Max Marcia Perry | FB | IG 
Maria Ylvisaker | IG Meg Biddle | FB | IG
Morgan Grimes Renata Carettoni Abma | IG
Rosa Wysong Rudra Kishore Mandal | FB | IG 
ShAy Black | FB | IG Sienna Farfan | IG
Teresa Arrasmith Traci Couch | IG
Valerie Sansom



About Art Makes Us

Everyone is an artist. We all have a unique point of view and the capacity to express ourselves creatively. When we face challenges in life, no matter how difficult they may be, art can help us rise above them.

At Art Makes Us, we are committed to providing opportunities for each individual to discover and nurture the artist within. Our broad-based arts programming and resources are designed to inspire creativity and confidence in every artist from all ages, children to adults. Our diverse team of art mentors offer individual and group learning experiences that meet students where they are and provide them with opportunities to explore how art and the creative process can empower them with a new vocabulary to articulate their life observations and experiences.

If you’re a beginner, Art Makes Us is for you. If you’re a professional wanting to learn a new skill or reconnect with community, Art Makes Us is for you. All of our programs, including private mentorship, group classes, workshops, and public art projects, are designed to merge the power of art with the strength of community. 

Arts education provides critical social and emotional learning opportunities that enrich the lives of each individual and society as a whole. By fostering an environment in which every artist can thrive, we believe we can change the world.