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October Learn To Draw in 30 Days



In this video series, artist Paul Richmond breaks down the fundamentals of drawing into 10-minute daily exercises that will help you see like an artist, learn the basics of drawing, and put it into practice.

Each day in October, you'll receive a link to a new video lesson by email. You can also return to this page and use the lesson links below. Each link will become active once that lesson has been sent out, so bookmark this page to easily access the entire course.


Video Lessons

  1. Blind contour drawing
  2. Drawing upside down 
  3. Using reference
  4. Silhouettes of complicated objects
  5. Proportion and measuring by sight 
  6. Drawing the negative space
  7. Continuous line drawing 
  8. Draw the shadow shapes/planes 
  9. Using a grid 
  10. Value scale 
  11. Finding the light 
  12. How to use the tools 
  13. Quick gestural studies 
  14. Drawing with Line 
  15. Using cross hatching 
  16. Reverse drawing  
  17. 1 point perspective
  18. 2 point perspective
  19. 3 point perspective 
  20. Drawing from life
  21. Ink drawing 
  22. Charcoal drawing 
  23. Technical vs. expressive drawing
  24. Draw a landscape
  25. Draw figures 
  26. Draw a still life
  27. Draw a self portrait 
  28. Drawing hands 
  29. Drawing animals 
  30. Keeping a sketchbook 


Join our Facebook group

Share your work and interact with other artists from our community who are participating in this course by joining our Art Makes Us Facebook group! Let's support and encourage each other throughout this 30 day challenge!