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November Become a Writer in 30 Days



Join author Scout Luketich on the journey to unlock your creative writing potential in just ten minutes a day. Learn the fundamentals of creative writing, including characterization, world-building, the five-act story structure, crafting believable dialogue, and much more in this beginner-oriented course.

For thirty days beginning November 1, you'll receive a link to a new video lesson by email. You can also return to this page and use the lesson links below. Each link will become active once that lesson has been sent out, so bookmark this page to easily access the entire course.


Video Lessons

  1. Write trash
  2. Outsmarting your inner critic
  3. Journaling
  4. Reading for Writers
  5. Fan fiction
  6. Characterization
  7. World-Building
  8. Outlining
  9. Research
  10. Point of view - 1st & 2nd person
  11. Point of view - 3rd person limited & omniscient
  12. Tenses
  13. Dialogue
  14. Where do writers get their ideas?
  15. Getting started
  16. Hero’s journey / story beats
  17. The 5-act story structure
  18. Exposition
  19. Rising action
  20. Climax
  21. Falling action
  22. Resolution
  23. Editing part 1
  24. Editing part 2
  25. Editing part 3
  26. Editing part 4
  27. Editing part 5
  28. Editing part 6
  29. Editing part 7
  30. Beta Readers/Synopsis/Publishing
  31. Bonus video!