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Mastering the Art of Using Color



In this video series, artists Melissa Forman and Paul Richmond offer 30 daily exercises to help you learn how to work with color in your artwork. Each lesson is approximately 10 minutes long. 

Learn the basics of color theory and apply them. This course will help you train your eyes to recognize color in the world around you and learn how to choose color combinations that work!



You are welcome to work with any materials you'd like, but here's a list of everything Paul and Melissa will be using in this series:

  1. Drawing pencils
  2. Paper
  3. Acrylic paint 
  4. Paintbrushes
  5. Palette
  6. Palette knife
  7. Jar of water
  8. Paper towels


    Video Lessons

    1. Primary Colors
    2. Secondary Colors
    3. Tertiary Colors
    4. Warm Colors vs. Cool Colors
    5. Saturation vs. Neutrality
    6. Cresting Neutral by Mixing Complementary Colors
    7. Value and How It Affects Color
    8. Tints and Shades
    9. Types of Color Palettes: Complementary
    10. Types of Color Palettes: Split Complementary
    11. Types of Color Palettes: Triad
    12. Types pf Color Palettes: Tetrad
    13. Types of Color Palettes: Analogous
    14. Color in Context
    15. Finding Color Inspiration
    16. Using Color Inspiration
    17. Local Color
    18. Perceived Color
    19. Imaginative Color
    20. Color Mood
    21. How to Color Match
    22. How to Use Only Primary Colors to Mix Every Color You'll Ever Need
    23. Color Correcting - Where Have I Gone Wrong?
    24. Working with a Limited Palette
    25. Mixing Flesh Tones
    26. Working with a Plein Air Palette
    27. How Lighting Affects Color - Natural vs Artificial Light
    28. Layering Color in Transparent Media
    29. Color Thumbnails
    30. Finding Your Color Personality