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Unlock your creativity by learning to create large-scale, expressive portraits.


Join artist Paul Richmond as he takes you through the process of conceptualizing, designing, and painting a large expressive portrait on canvas in twenty 10-minute video lessons!



What our students are saying


You will be amazed at how much your portrait painting skills will improve in a short time with focused, daily practice.


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• At the beginning, we will meet our model and take reference photos, which will be shared with all course participants.
• Then we will look at different ways to design the composition, infusing it with symbolism/meaning while breaking down the photographic image to invite more abstraction into the process.
• Several options for conceptualizing the piece will be presented - one using Photoshop for those who are digitally savvy, and another using collage and sketching for those who prefer a more traditional approach.
• Next we will cover the canvas with a completely abstract layer of multi-colored paint using a palette knife as a base coat.
• Learn multiple options for sketching the portrait on top of the base layer, including freehand drawing, using a projector, and using a grid.
• Then it's time to paint! We will slowly build up the portrait by adding bold layers of thick, colorful paint until the figure is complete.
Paul's gentle, lighthearted approach will make learning fun and keep you coming back for more. 

Paul has been teaching students to draw and paint for over twenty years.

This class covers the most effective techniques he utilizes in his own painting practice.


In This Course...



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What would this course mean for you? 

Learn on your own schedule. Students have lifetime access to the lessons, so you can revisit them as many times as you want. Practice the fundamentals of drawing while appreciating the beauty of nature, and learn a variety of skills that will help you grow as an artist.



You are welcome to work with any painting materials you'd like. Acrylic or oil paint will work best for the techniques Paul will be demonstrating, but feel free to use anything you want. Here's a list of everything Paul will be using in this series:

• 36" x 48" canvas

• Acrylic and/or oil paint - primary colors (red, blue yellow), white, and black are all that’s necessary. Additional colors if possible: brown, green, purple

• Acrylic/oil paintbrushes - variety of sizes

• Paint tray or palette paper

• Palette knife

• Liquin medium and Odorless Turpenoid (if using oils)

• Cup of water (for acrylic) 

• Paper towels

• Yardstick for grid (optional)

• Projector (optional)

• Computer with Photoshop (optional)

• Collage materials - glue, scissors (optional)

• Sketching materials - paper, pencils (optional)



Q. When does the course start?

A: The first video lesson will arrive November 1, 2023. Subsequent lessons will be sent daily through November 20, 2023.


Q: What is included for the $30?

A: Students will receive 20 ten-minute video lessons sent by e-mail, plus several bonus videos. You will also be sent hi-res images of the reference photos, as well as an invitation to our Art Makes Us Facebook group to share your work and interact with other students. You will also have the opportunity to email the instructor and share your work for feedback.


Q: How long is the course?

A: The course is three and a half hours, broken down into manageable video lessons that you can revisit at any time.


Q: Who is this course for?

A: This class is great for beginners and also a refresher for anyone who wants to explore a more expressive approach to painting portraits.


Q: Do I need to be in a specific location to participate?

A: No, this course is available to anyone anywhere who wants to learn to paint expressive portraits!


Q: Can I give this class as a gift?

A: Absolutely! Just type the name and email address of the recipient in the Notes section at checkout.



I can't wait to paint with you!