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Designing Paintings in Photoshop



Join artist Paul Richmond for a step-by-step introduction to designing paintings in Photoshop with this pre-recorded one hour and thirty seven minute video lesson

This is a beginning level Photoshop class that will demonstrate how to combine multiple photos to create a new image that can be used as a reference for drawing or painting. Skills covered include file creation, importing photos, working with layers, resizing, rotating, selecting, erasing, adjusting color and contrast, and using the paintbrush tool. 

If you've been looking for an opportunity to learn how Photoshop can help you combine and manipulate source images to create references for your paintings, this class is for you! Drawing from his own experience as a fine artist and illustrator, Paul gently guides you through his design process, giving you the tools you'll need to begin exploring this powerful digital medium.



• 4 photo files that you received when you purchased this course (available to download here if needed)

• Adobe Photoshop

• Computer


Project Image

Here's the final image you will learn to create in this class: