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Back to Basics: Learn to Draw Animals in 9 Days



Welcome to Back to Basics with Melissa Forman and Paul Richmond. In this video series, we will teach the fundamentals of drawing animals through quick gesture drawings and longer, more detailed studies. The course is designed to help beginners learn the basics of drawing and more advanced artists sharpen their observational skills. This course is broken down into nine video lessons, each one approx. 10 minutes. 

Learning the fundamentals of drawing is beneficial for all artists. This course is great for artists at every stage, from beginners to advanced. Learning the basics is important because it gives artists a foundation to build on. This course will start at the very beginning and walk you through the steps and techniques of creating a series of gesture studies of a variety of animals, including birds, horses, and wolves, followed by two more detailed animal drawings, with an emphasis on improving observational drawing skills.

Students can apply the skills learned in this course to create more drawings of any subject matter and in any style. The sky’s the limit once you learn the basics!


Video Lessons



You are welcome to work with any drawing materials you'd like, but here's a list of everything Paul and Melissa will be using in this series:

  1. Sketchbook
  2. Drawing Pencils
  3. Kneaded Eraser
  4. Pencil Sharpener
  5. Micron Pens
  6. Watercolor Paper
  7. Paper Towels
  8. Charcoal


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