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Back to Basics: Acrylic Painting - How To Create A Mood Through Color

Welcome to Back to Basics with Melissa Forman and Paul Richmond. Together, we will explore how you can use color in your work to create different moods.

This course is broken up into thirteen video lessons, all of which are included below on this page. When you complete one section, scroll down to the next video to continue. You have unlimited access to this page, so you can come back as often as you'd like.

We hope you enjoy this class! Thanks for being part of our Art Makes Us community.


Lesson 1: Introduction

Meet the instructors and get an overview of the course.


Lesson 2: Projects

See the projects we will be painting together.


Lesson 3: Materials

See all of the materials you will need to complete this course.


Lesson 4: Moody Underpainting

Get a base coat on the first painting using just one color and focusing on value.


Lesson 5: Painting the Background

Paint the dark background of the image.


Lesson 6: Painting the Table

Paint the table that the orange is sitting on.


Lesson 7: Painting the Orange

In this lesson, paint the orange and make it look three dimensional.


Lesson 8: Painting the Stem and Leaf

Put the finishing touches on the first painting.


Lesson 9: Underpainting and Color Mixing

Get started on painting #2!


Lesson 10: Painting the Background

Paint all of the negative space in the image.


Lesson 11: Block in Oranges

Get a first coat on the oranges.


Lesson 12: Finish Painting the Oranges

Finish up painting #2!


Lesson 13: Closing Thoughts

Wrap up this course with Melissa and Paul. We hope you had a blast!



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