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Artist Interviews: Kai Maeda

Artist Interviews: Kai Maeda

Kai Maeda is a fine artist based in Monterey, California. He enjoys painting a range of subjects, including animals, landscapes, and figures. Kai has been involved with Art Makes Us since we launched, taking group and private classes. We think his work is incredible, and we're so grateful that he took the time to share some inspiration with all of us today on the AMU Blog. Welcome, Kai!

AMU: Tell us a little about yourself and your art. 

Kai: My name is Kai and I have been painting for about 3 years now, first with watercolors and now oils as well. Nature is one of my biggest inspirations, and I especially love capturing birds and flowers in my work. I also find inspiration in my family and their stories.

AMU: What’s your favorite medium?

Kai: Currently my favorite is oils.

AMU: What inspires you?

Kai: Flowers, birds, clouds, the ocean, family, and my own lived experiences.

AMU: What are your artistic goals for the future?

Kai: To make a living from art.

AMU: What is one piece of art advice you were given that has alway stuck with you?

Kai: Color is relative.

AMU: If they made a film about your life, who would play you?

Kai: Probably Scarlett Johansson.

AMU: What famous artist would you love to meet?

Kai: Aurora Aksnes.

AMU: What do you wish you knew when you started?

Kai: The only thing you need to do to be an artist is make art.

AMU: What’s your favorite color?

Kai: Pink or green or beige.

AMU: If you had an artistic superpower what would it be?

Kai: Talking to art.

AMU: Where can people go to see your work?

Kai: @jkaimaeda on instagram.

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