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Artist Interviews: Bryan Moss

Artist Interviews: Bryan Moss

Bryan Moss is a comic artist, painter, and educator based in Columbus, Ohio. He is an art instructor at Columbus College of Art & Design and the Columbus Museum of Art. Moss is currently working on paintings, comic books, large-scale murals, immersive experiences, and more. Thank you Bryan for taking the time to share some inspiration with the Art Makes Us community!

AMU: Art Makes Us ___.

Bryan: Unified.

AMU: Tell us a little about yourself and your art. 

Bryan: I’m a self-taught artist. I started taking classes at Schiller Park at the recreation center when I was a kid and I’ve been drawing and making art nonstop since. I’m a painter, cartoonist, illustrator, and muralist.

AMU: What’s your favorite medium?

Bryan: Painting.

AMU: What inspires you?

Bryan: Being able to just sit, daydream, and letting my brain wander. We live in a time where there’s always something demanding our attention – whether it’s our phones or emails or a show. For me it’s really pleasurable to get rid of all distraction and allow my attention to drift elsewhere.

AMU: What are your artistic goals for the future?

Bryan: To make the greatest graphic novel ever. To figure out how to make incredible paintings that haven’t been seen before. To build a playground.

AMU: What is one piece of art advice you were given that has always stuck with you?

Bryan: Not to put yourself in a box and only do one thing. Art is multi-disciplinary and you should think about is expansively so you can use all its tools instead of limiting yourself to just drawing or painting.   

AMU: If they made a film about your life, who would play you?

Bryan: Jason Momoa (including his bad acting).

AMU: What famous artist would you love to meet?

Bryan: Francisco Goya.

AMU: What do you wish you knew when you started?

Bryan: You should choose jobs that help you work toward your art, not away from it.

AMU: What’s your favorite color?

Bryan: Pink.

AMU: If you had an artistic superpower what would it be?

Bryan: Reverse telepathy: where everyone could read my mind.

AMU: Where can people go to see your work?

Bryan: I have work all over! My Instagram is the best place to keep up with me: @strangethingsmoss.

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